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Red Belly Honey

Red Belly Honey

Red Belly Honey is an evolution of Kitchen Toke. Since 2017, Kitchen Toke has been the definitive voice in culinary hemp. As a media company, it stays ahead of food, wellness, and health trends.

By offering fact-based information, tested recipes, and techniques for cooking with hemp, Kitchen Toke has become a trusted source in advancing the concept of food as medicine.

Owner’s quote:

“Because we are always on top of what’s happening in cannabis and food, I learned about Ilan Ben Simon from Phytopharma and his groundbreaking work with bees and thought it would be a good story for Kitchen Toke.

When we first spoke, I was impressed and intrigued by the tenacity and hard work he put into discovering the method and creating hemp honey. As minutes turned into hours, we both knew there was more than a story. We often agree we fell in “business love.”

I knew I had to be involved with Bee Fuse Technology on a larger scale. We’re both passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and know if we work together the possibilities could be endless.

I had no plans to launch a food product, but I also knew this was special. Ilan and I share the ideology that cannabis is food and food is medicine. We believe, wholeheartedly, that food can help with problems before we have to turn to pharmaceuticals.

This is the premise of Kitchen Toke—it’s the foundation of who we are and what we’re about. We are talking about getting healthy, not just high. Combine that with a functional food like honey, and it’s pretty amazing.”

Pet Products has been the leading global directory for all things pet.

The company provides a one-stop shop for products, research, and reviews. works diligently to serve pet lovers who deeply care about their animals.

‘Vets Answer’ Hemp Honey from PetProducts

Owner’s quote:

“Bee Fuse Technology allows the entire plant profile to pass through bees and naturally into our bright, ruby red honey. Bees do everything, Vets Answer honey has no preservatives, no additives and there is no post-harvest processing.”



The magic of our beefused tantric honey comes from how it is made. Created at our organic farms in Santa Maria, California, this patented delivery platform allows free range bees to feed on a proprietary nectar, which the bee’s naturally break down, creating a water-soluble, single ingredient this fast-acting concentration of sweet honey with all the benefits of the ingredients of the nectar pack in!

Owner’s quote:

“Selecting PhytoPharma as a partner came about after considerable analysis and research. But, after carefully weighing the alternatives, the choice was easy.

PhytoPharma was the all-natural choice. With PhytoPharma we can formulate chemical-free, all-natural products that resonate with the increasingly label-conscious domestic and global consumer. In our opinion, being able to advertise our products as having no chemicals, surfactants, or emulsifiers is a big plus. Only the PhytoPharma solution gives us this ability.

While the natural label aspects are undoubtedly important, a product is only as good as its effectiveness. We have found the inherent water-solubility of the PhytoPharma solution allows us to formulate products that have unparalleled effectiveness at much lower cannabinoid doses than the alternatives. With regulatory scrutiny of CBD, we believe a low cannabinoid solution will allow for faster market acceptance of cannabinoids containing food and beverage products.

We also chose PhytoPharma because we firmly believe nature is the best scientist. The PhytoPharma solution, in our opinion, is superior to the technologies that are being developed in laboratories using millions of dollars of investment. We believe consumers will nearly always have a preference from a nature-based solution over one created in a laboratory.”

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