Patented technology.
Natural hemp honey.

You can never go wrong with nature.
Bee-Fuse™ offers the healing powers of hemp and the natural, therapeutic properties of honey.

Nature made by nature
Unique, patented hemp honey

Hemp and its molecular structure has become a growing subject of study around the world.

Researchers do not yet know which specific strains cause specific healing effects and are, therefore, isolating cannabinoids and testing different strains to better understand the different effects for a wide range of medical purposes. We use the full spectrum in our patented process to offer the entourage effect for quality of life purposes.

Bee-Fuse™ honey is an Israeli technology and is manufactured in the US, produced by ethically-treated honeybees in California. Bee-Fuse™’s patented composition is a natural delivery platform without any chemical or biological alteration. The honey is water-soluble, sweet tasting and has no preservatives or additives and there is no post-harvest processing.

Bee-Fuse in action. From flowers to food.

Unlike other hemp honey solutions, Bee-Fuse™ does not mix nor inject hemp elements after the honey is harvested. Our patented process is completely natural with no chemical tampering, biological alteration, or post-harvest activity.
  • 1

    Grow hemp plants

    Grow and harvest hemp from California farm.

  • 2

    Create hemp extract

    Create concentrated hemp extract from the plants.

  • 3

    Craft composition

    The patented process is created using the extract and exact source of nutrients needed

  • 4

    Bees feed on nectar

    Nectar offered to honeybees and they choose to eat it.

  • 5


    Composition is digested creating the unique fuchsia honey with hemp qualities in it.

Bee-Fuse™ the world’s first uninfused hemp honey

Bee-Fuse™ the world’s first uninfused hemp honey​
Bee-fuse. Great taste. Quickly absorbed. Superior relief.

A new bio-availability?

Our customers benefit from full spectrum hemp honey and the fact that it is water-soluble, as opposed to infused products, causes it to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. and can bring relief and calm symptoms of pain within several minutes.

“The honey serves as a high-efficient vector to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier.“
The uniquely reddish fuchsia honey is characterized by its rapid onset – five to 10 minutes – compared to other edible products, which can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to take effect.”
(Read it on Forbes)

Bee-Fuse™ - micro-dosage products, high levels of relief.

A variety of applications and uses

The solution is already being used in endless formats including superfoods, coffee pods, beverages, and more. Customers benefit from enhanced natural products which combine the healing and wellness powers of hemp.
Natural sweetener
Wellness products
Veterinary products
Topical balm
Coffee Pods
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Scientific sense

While each individual reacts differently to natural hemp honey, the mission of Bee-Fuse is to help improve quality of life. Ilan Ben Simon, our Inventor, has a deep understanding of animals and agricultural technologies, and invented this patented process and honey.

“Leveraging the research of renown Professor David (Dedi) Meiri of the Technion University is an honor and to have his support and belief in the cause is a true backbone”.

Wellness honey. Flourishing bees.

As insects lack an endocannabinoid system, the hemp cannot be absorbed into their bloodstream. Our bees choose to enjoy the cannabinoids offered to them while benefiting from its means of nutrients and has helped in successfully proliferating of the bee population.

Our head beekeeper Eitan Zion of Yad Mordechai also contributes to Bee-Fuse’s commitment to keeping our honeybees happy. Our bees are free to choose the food they want, the flowers they wish to pollinate, and the behavior to emulate.

In typical commercial beekeeping, beekeepers usually reduce the swarming of the bees by eliminating cells of the queen eggs, inserting new wax or cutting off the queen bee’s wings to prevent her from fleeing the nest. “This cruel behavior is unacceptable on our farm and I personally see to it that these behaviors are not practiced with our bees”, says Eitan. “On the contrary, Bee-Fuse believes and abides by keeping nature as nature intended.”

No harm on this California farm

Our honeybees live a natural life.

Bee-Fuse honeybees frolic in our honeybee farm in California, located in Santa Maria, owned by Abel Maldonado, previous Lieutenant Governor of California. Taking in the view of the farm is breathtaking and from sunrise to sunset, our bees freely enjoy the infinite choice of plants and flowers on the farm. It is fascinating to watch the glory of nature.

Natural honey. Ethical treatment.

Our bees are visited and inspected weekly by professionals onsite.

Keeping the bees in their natural environment is imperative to their well-being, therefore, we do not move our bees for pollination. They survive through winter on the honey they produced. The practice of swarming is common on our farm, even if this means harvesting less honey, and it does.

Visit our farm. We’d be happy to host you!