The future of natural hemp honey

Bee-Fuse™ is the future of natural and uninfused micro-dosed hemp-based honey products, produced by honeybees in California and backed by Israeli-patented technology

Our vision

To enhance people’s quality of life and well-being through nature, but not at nature’s expense

The Bee-Fuse story

From agricultural expertise to natural honey

Welcome to Bee-Fuse™, home of natural hemp honey. Our honey is the preferred choice for people seeking a micro-dosed solution that is natural and ecologically sound.

It all started several years ago, with Ilan Ben Simon, the patent inventor of Bee-Fuse ™. Ilan suffered from several medical issues including arthritis and sought comfort through many different types of medicine and therapy, but nothing seemed to relieve his pain, until he tried cannabinoids. He immediately thought of others that suffer daily and felt there must be a way to offer an effective delivery platform that is not psychoactive and that is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

He began his journey into cannabinoids remedy research and the different forms of production. Honey was one of them. Through speaking to experts on bees, he was fascinated to realize that anything bees eat is intensified once digested. So why infuse the hemp AFTER the bees create the honey?

He studied the works of Professor Dedi Meiri — Head of the Cancer and Cannabinoid Research Lab at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and a world-renown figure and consultant in his field. As an authority figure in the therapeutic potential found in hemp, his company reached out to Professor Meiri to find out whether it is possible to get his support in researching BeeFuse honey.

After extensive research, the team successfully discovered a method that allows bees to naturally express active cannabinoids in their honey. Leveraging this knowledge, Ilan developed the technology behind the natural, nutritional composition and voila! The bees loved it.

Bee-Fuse™’s delivery platform utilizes the full spectrum of each strain of hemp, without chemical or biological alteration. Nature takes its course, by letting bees foster the proprietary nutrient formula by choice.

Bee-Fuse™ technology, is part of PhytoPharma International Ltd. which has extensive knowledge in agro-technologies, medical research, and plant breeding.

“We are enhancing nature, by nature,” Avner Ben Aharon, CEO said in an interview with Forbes. “We combined the healing powers of hemp with the amazing delivery capability of honey.”

Our ethical hemp honey is truly one-of-a-kind and has passed quality tests, has a registered patent, and we continue our efforts to be recognized by U.S. regulators/ authorities.

Meet the team

Ilan Ben Simon

Ilan Ben Simon

Inventor & Co-founder

Ilan, the patent inventor of Bee-Fuse technology, is an innovator with deep understanding and skilled in variety of unique methods within the cannabinoids arena. He explored bees and their nutrition and held a senior role at a leading animal nutrition supplier in Israel.

Ilan holds a B.A. from Tel-Hai College, Israel.

Avner Ben-Aharon

Avner Ben-Aharon


Avner is a results-driven CEO. Before joining Bee-Fuse and PhytoPharma, Avner was a Director at Israeli agrotechnology company SupPlant and COO at AgroWebLab.

Avner holds a masters degree in both business and law.

Eitan Zion

Eitan Zion

Head Beekeeper

Eitan is known worldwide for his beekeeping expertise on Kibbutz Yad Mordehai in Israel.

After studying for a degree in agriculture, Eitan worked in the kibbutz’s flower and irrigation industry; and later in the beekeeping sector. Eitan helped develop the beehives on the kibbutz which has become the largest apiary in Israel.

Zohar Ben Ner

Zohar Ben Ner


More than 30 years of developing, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and management experience in the area of agricultural technology. Zohar was the VP of Special Projects and co-founder of Kaiima. He was VP of Sales and Marketing and a co-founder of Phytech Ltd., a company specializing in plant monitoring, (IPO, TASE) and the CEO and founder of BF Agritech.

Before this, Mr. Ben Ner was Director of Sales for Japan and South Korea and also founded the Greenhouse Technology Division of Netafim Ltd.

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